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Building a website is easier than ever before, and accessible to anyone.

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Why build a website?

There are many different reasons a person may want to build a website.

For example:

Building a Website


  • it could be to provide information
  • to sell things
  • to review products or services

Or, it could be you are in the business of creating website services for your customers


There are umpteen reasons why someone might want to build a website, but the ultimate aim is usually to reach the power of the online audience. With a massive shift in how we all search for and provide information, we are truly living in a digital age. A website allows us to reach more people than ever before – the internet really is a global market place!


What to think about before starting

There are two aspects to having a website – the site itself and the hosting. You must have both to have a web presence.

The site itself involves what you are going to call it (i.e. the domain name), the structure and content. The hosting refers to where it exists – it has to be hosted on a server somewhere, and I guess it can be likened to renting a “virtual space”.


The CMS 

CMS is not a hugely technical term. It stands for Content Management System and just refers to the processes that sit “behind” a particular website, and allows the website owner to create content (pages, menu buttons, images etc). If you have a simple enough CMS, it is really easy to do all these things yourself – you don’t need to employ professional services if you don’t want to!

Benefits of WordPress

An example of a great CMS is WordPress. It is one of the most widely-used website development platforms in the world…and for good reason:

  • It’s really easy and straightforward to use
  • You don’t need to be a “technical” person, or have skills in computer programming
  • It has a huge library of template themes to choose from, meaning you can select what you like and best suite the purpose of your website
  • There is the facility to add on different functions to a WordPress site, through “plug-ins”. These are a bit like apps – you can search for them in Worpress, and then simply add them to your site. Easy peasy!


The cost

there is no denying that out there in the professional realm of web designers, there are some fantastic bespoke websites that cost the earth. This is fine for corporations who have lots of money and choose to outsource this aspect of their business. However, there are also huge numbers of small business owners and individuals who might like a website and don’t have those kind of resources.

The upshot is it doesn’t need to cost the earth, and in fact it can be done free.

What makes one site better than another?

There are several factors that combine to make websites stand out or fade into insignificance. These are:


How easy it is to use

when someone visits a website, they want to have a good online experience. They should be able to navigate or find their way around a site easily. Sometimes the simpler and clearer, the better. Confusion leads to people leaving a site very quickly!


How professional it looks

the design and layout should reflect whatever it is you are talking about. The style should reflect the industry or purpose of the site. For example, if you are profiling creative services, your site should look creative. If a visitor comes to a site and it has a totally unexpected appearance, again they are likely to be switched off and go elsewhere.


The quality of the content

this is perhaps the single most important aspect of aSEO and Quality Content successful website. If you think about your own experiences of searching for something online – how annoyed are you if you are directed to something that is completely irrelevant or doesn’t have the information you are seeking? The search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) work very hard to show the right information to people conducting the searches, and the quality of the website content will determine where a site ranks in a search engine. And let’s face it, if a website isn’t on the first page of search results, how likely is it to be found?



the speed of a website can also be linked to a good or bad experience online. A website can be full of quality content and beautifully designed, with loads of great pictures and graphics – but what is the point if it takes ages to load up. This is pretty important nowadays too, with the number of people accessing the web on the go (i.e. on phones or tablets). They want information and they want it quickly. A website that is slow to load, is far more likely to drive people away from it.

What else might you need to get started?

It may be that you would like some help and support to get started with building a website. That is absolutely fine, and by following the process below you can access training, support and help from a community of 10,000’s. I know, because I’ve been through this exact process myself – in fact, I was surprised at how professional the training is – and very easy to follow. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else to build a website.

If you would like to see a little more about how easy this could be for you, feel free to click here to see a lesson-plan in action, including one of the many training videos available.

create a Website in 30 Seconds


It’s as simple as A, B, C.

You can get started in minutes, by taking these 3 steps:

A: You can start building your website here at – for FREE Try Before You Buy(no money required – that’s $0 or £0, or zero of any currency)

B: Create a Totally Free Account (you do not have to provide any payment details to sign up, so it’s 100% safe for you)

C: YOU can have 2 Free Websites & access an entire training platform

And what if I need more help….?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Or, you can read more about me on my personal profile within Wealthy Affiliate.


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12 thoughts on “Build a Website”


    Building a website is super important these days and a much-needed skill. Unfortunately, people think that they still need to have a “special knowledge” on coding and such.

    But as you’ve clearly stated, this process can be simplified with SiteRubix.

    I have built many sites with SiteRubix and will continue to do so in the future. It’s fun, easy and also; Free.

    Great post on how to start a site hun 🙂 I’m sure this is going to be helpful for a lot of people.


    1. Thanks Chris – nice of you to leave a comment and I’m glad you think this will benefit others. Have a rgeat weekend, Mara 🙂

  2. Hello here, thanks for information about creation of websites.
    I guess that everybody, who wants to run business online, knows how important is to have a functioning website.
    There so many programs which offer tools how to do it, but I think that to have constant assistance where you can get an advice any time, is a valuable asset.
    A website must to be always in a good shape, because if something does not work, how we can fix it?
    I think that joining a company where we can learn how to build websites, how to maintain them and how to run business online with them is a perfect option.
    Can you recommend this company?
    I know one. It is a Wealthy Affiliate, a legit and transparent company.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira,

      Yes, I can highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member here for some time now and the training is second to none. Even if I have had any questions along the way, there are always more experienced members who are happy to help and share their own knowledge. They even let you join and try it out for free, which I think just adds to the fact it’s a genuine

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Mara 🙂

  3. I was very intimidated at the thought of starting my own website. I thought for sure I needed to know some coding or something. I was pleasantly surprised that with some direction I was able to easily navigate WordPress. There are still things and features to learn but it is not as hard as I thought it would be. A website is essential in today’s world if you want to own a successful business. Great tips on getting stated!

    1. Thank you for your comment Heather. You are so right about it being very easy and simple to start your own website eithin Wealthy Affiliate. All the steps are there to help people who have absolutely no previous experience – that’s one of the great things about the platform.

  4. Building a website still can be be a headache if you are using the wrong tools. When it comes to SiteRubix that you are describing here it’s really easy to use and fast. I already built 3 websites using it and I’m very satisfied with it. The best part of it is that they provide an excellent support and even give access to free training modules. I used some other tools in the past and I think this one is the best website builder.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. You’ve made a really valid point about Siterubix – it is really simple to use. No prior experience needed! And if you do need help along the way the support is definitely there

  5. Hi Mara,
    I agree with you, starting a website on your own is not as hard as you might think. I recently started my very own WordPress website, and I was surprised at how simple it really is.
    I also like how you liken WordPress plugins to apps- that is a very good analogy.

  6. Hi Mara,

    This is a really good post for anyone to go through before moving ahead with building their website. Running through the thought process you outline are the perfect foundation for building the site that you want!

    I can think of many times I’ve started a site without thinking of some of the above, I’ll remember to refer to this post in future to make sure I have all my bases covered in terms of what I want to do in future!

    1. Hi Nate,

      I’m glad you thought this post was useful! Thanks so much for giving your feedback. It’s always good to hear from people visiting my site.

      All the best with your websites, Mara.

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