Getting Started

How can I start an online business?

Step 1: Reviewing what options are out there and deciding what is really going to work for you.

This is sometimes even harder than it sounds, because if you are one of those people who like millions of others, has used Google to research anything related to “working from home”, or “starting an online business”, then it’s likely you genuinely don’t know where to start.

There are pages and pages of results and it’s almost impossible to sift through everything, avoiding the scams, to find something that is genuinely right for you.

I have been stung before, with promises of making money online, where it all sounds so simple, but it’s really not! If this is you, I would urge you to keep reading through this – you might be pleasantly surprised.

It is possible to get started online, simply and quickly, and begin your journey to having a real, online business. One of the programs I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate (you can read my review here).


Step 2: Making a commitment to at least look into it properly

If you want $1,000,000 yesterday – then buy a lottery ticket. If you want to get rich quick and sit back and reap the rewards – then take a gamble with the stock market. I can’t help you unless you are prepared to invest your time in exploring this further, with the promise to keep investing your time to grow your business

Free to join

How many businesses do you know that grow by themselves? I’m guessing that would be a big, fat zero! There has to be people behind it, with a desire to succeed and doing everything they can to make it grow and thrive.



Step 3: But how do I actually go about it?

Do I have your attention yet? You must have answered “YES” to this, or you wouldn’t still be reading this! That tells me that you are ready and willing to find out more – which you can do, by reading my review of the one product I highly recommend if you are going to start this journey.

If you have tried to set up an online business before and failed, it may be you didn’t start with the right approach or it all got way too confusing. However, there is a way – a step-by-step process available to you, with professional training, to help you get started in the right way and with plenty of support behind you.

Business success

I know because I have taken the same journey myself. I wasn’t actively looking for a new opportunity when I came across this, and being very driven by the right-hand side of my brain (i.e. logical and rational) I was very skeptical. There was a part of me that continually said “Yeah, right – like this is actually real.” But part of me also said there is something different about this, compared to all the other “promises” I’ve come across before.

I googled and read reviews, to reassure myself it wasn’t a scam and the more I looked into it, the more excited I became. This was definitely something I could get my head around and delve further into, without any catch.


Step 4: But what will it cost me?

Nothing. Zip, Nada. I stand by this system 100% because it lets you try before you buy anything. Yes it’s true that you can pay for additional, premium services – but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. There is still a huge amount of resource available to you to get started.

Because I pride myself on honesty and integrity, nothing endorsed anywhere on this site steps away from the principle of “try before you buy”. It’s the only fair way to let people see for themselves whether this process is for them or not. It won’t be for everyone, and unlike half the internet (or that’s what it feels like) I don’t like fake promises about making money. Therefore, I won’t make a fake promise to you either!



Step 5: How will I be successful online?

If you are still with me here, I’m really glad, because we’re going to take a closer look at what might be stopping you before you even get started…..

Be really honest, and ask one question of yourself:

What is the one main thing creating a barrier to you setting up an online business?Where to start?

  • Are you scared of failing?
  • Have you been taken advantage of by someone else? (i.e. scammed)
  • Do you think you don’t have the skills or knowledge to starting?

If there’s another reason, please feel free to comment below, because I really want to help deliver a service to people. If I can understand some of the other reasons out there, I can help to answer some of the worries and help people to take that first step to being successful online.

If you are prepared to look, there are ethical programs out there that can genuinely work in your favor, but you have to take the time to look. This is where I can help to “separate some of the wood from trees” and point you in the right direction.

Remember, it’s highly likely that I’ve been through some of the same thought processes and feelings as you!

At the end of the day, being successful online can be narrowed down to 3 simple things:


Creating an online business is as simple as A,B,C…

Firstly, if you want to read my own personal story, learn more about who I am and my own journey, you can do that here. Because I have a fairly substantial working history, I have had the time to get to know a lot about people and the online environment. We are all different – success is measured in different ways, people achieve it in many different ways, BUT… there are some things in common with those people who do earn money online


A. They don’t usually do it on their own. They have help.

We all have good days and bad days – times when our creative juices are flowing and days when we feel like an author with sever “writers’ block”. We can all do with a helping hand when we find ourselves here. It can be hard to stay positive and motivated without this help. How can you get the help you need?


B. They have a website of their own.

I can quite legitimately say that without a website, you don’t have an online business. Or if you do, it will be VERY temporary!

This in itself might be a scary thought. “Oh no, I don’t know anything about a website. How on earth will I make one?”

No need to be worried. Building a website is easier than ever before, and you could have one right now….well, in a few minutes in reality! You can do this absolutely free.

Who doesn’t like something of value that is free!


C. They put time into their business.

This means taking the time to access free training, work your way through the step-by-step process and use the system to build your skills and knowledge.

This is a fundamental part of growing any business, and like a professional athlete, you can’t just turn up on the day and expect to perform. They train, and so should you if you are serious about getting the most out of your online business.


Don’t get your wallet out. You can get started with $0!

Let’s cut to the chase. This is exactly what you will get if you sign up…for free.

Ongoing help & support

  • From a community of 10,000’s of users, who have all been through it before
  • A “Live Chat” platform, so you can ask questions and get answers in real time
  • Ongoing discussions on “hot topics” (when I first started lots of people had the same questions as me, and these discussions were really helpful)


A Free Website

  • Get a fully functional WordPress Site (WordPress is one of the most highly regarded platforms for creating websites)
  • Easily get ready to make money online
  • In fact, these folk are so generous you can have 2 free websites if you want!


This is the cherry on the top – heaps of training at your fingertips

Online learning to succeed


** Video tutorials

** Written lessons

** Learning structured into various courses

** “Virtual classrooms” that cover specific topics

** And, if that’s not enough I will personally help you too (you can find me in the system with Username: Aspiring)



I am very confident about saying you are unlikely to find such robust and professional training anywhere else online. The value to me has been immense. So much so, that I have already used the skills I have developed away from the online environment.

Once again, I emphasise that this is all free. There is a premium option, which will only increase your success in the long term, but there is no pressure to take this option and you don’t have to enter your credit card information to sign up. You can’t say fairer than that!

As shown below, there are two options available – so just choose the option that says “Starter, $0 per month”, sign up and you will get instant access to this educational community.



I also think it’s important to say that this has been on the go for many years already. This fact, plus that there are so many people involved with the community, is testament to it’s “online safety” and real potential to you.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment – I hope you will share your own journey with me, and I would love to help you be successful too.

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18 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Wow there are not many offers out there that offer a free trial like this. I agree most people want a get rich quick scheme without putting work into it. Building an online business takes time and patience. What timeframe can people expect to start seeing the fruit of their labor?

    1. Hi Shannon,

      A valid question and one that a lot of people probably want answered. However, if I gave a time frame it wouldn’t be honest of me. The reason being that we are all different, which is going to make the time frame variable. Each person will have different skills and abilities, and also different amounts of time to invest per day or week. What I can say is that if you work your way through the training, you will get there and have an online business. This is all done on a step-by-step basis with help available right throughout the process, and I don’t think any other scheme out there can say this at the same level offered here.

      Best wishes, Mara.

  2. Get Sport Supplements

    A nicely presented article covering a great hosting program which literally provides you everything you would need to guide you through the processes of internet marketing.

    As a member myself i can say i happily agree with everything within the content of this blog and anyone intrigued in trying it out then Wealthy Affiliate is defiantly the way to go.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s great that you can also endorse this from your own perspective, already being a member. 100,000’s of people can’t be wrong! I’ve found the whole experience very rewarding and the online community very supportive and willing to share their best practices.

  3. I am glad I have finally found WA. Like many others, I too have searched day and night to look for the secret recipe for making money online. I like that you highlight some of the thoughts that have made many people worried of trying out something new online and then use that as a basis to promote WA. Great article!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment – it’s much appreciated. I’m glad you tool have found Wealthy Affiliate, as it certainly is a great place to be. Wishing you lots of online success 🙂


  4. Wealthy Affiliate is BY FAR, the best company out there that is fully equipped to teach us how to build a business online. The free courses are amazing. No one else teaches what they teach. Everything is well structured and built to teach people who have absolutely no experience. It doesn’t get better than FREE. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain…an online business!

    1. Thank you for your comment. What you say is exactly the way I feel about Wealthy Affiliate too. I find the training really well-structured and easy to follow. I also think that it takes a reputable company to stand by what they offer so much, they’re prepared to let you try it for free.


  5. You touch on some interesting points here. I have been scammed in the past and I am desperate to work online and to have my own business, but I have to say I am a little scared now. I don’t trust anyone.

    All the talk is the same, all the talk I have seen so far is lies! You sound pretty genuine though and if you say I can try this one for free, then I will give it a go.

    Thanks, and hopefully I can come back to you with some good news!

    1. Hi Ruth,

      You can genuinely try this out for free. I did and I’m still with the community today (3 months on). I appreciate your caution and fear of being lied to, so as a gesture of good faith please feel free to email me directly at at any stage while you check it out. My promise to you is I will answer you honestly – whatever your concern or question is. Have fun taking a look around it and I will be available if you need me.

      Mara 🙂

  6. In step 2, excellent point you make about being realistic with your goals. My job is to work with entrepreneurs and I often get people in my office who expect their business to have started yesterday. Often it’s the ones looking for a change in their life or have had a recent change (like the loss of a job). However, it takes planning and effort to run a successful business.

    Items A & C are also very true. It’s difficult to run a business alone (online, home, or brick & mortar). Having a network to back you is invaluable. Likewise, it takes work. A think many people think their boss sits around all day and eats bonbons. They might think, I can do it too… but it takes effort to be successful. You get what you put into it. I imagine it’s the same for Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Renee,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Getting Started page. You are so right about this being the case with Wealthy Affiliate – you have to put the effort in to get a return out of it. Yes, you can join for free, but if you don’t take on the learning and put time into your business, it won’t go anywhere. I work with a lot of clients offline in terms of marketing support, and the same goes there. Usually nothing works instantly – it takes time, and perseverance. Business doesn’t stand still, and you have to keep working at it for continued success. One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is the support network – the help and guidance never seems to wane!

      All the best to you, Mara.

  7. it is so gratifying that Wealth Affiliate are there to help me as I move into the world of running my own business. They’ve been there to help me and explain to me everything that I need to do. I’d recommend that anyone else reading this article does the same, and really explores what this chance can do for them!

    1. Thank you Molly. It’s good to hear you are also having such a positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate. All the best,


  8. Great post! I think it’s important to emphasize how making money online is a long-term investment, not something that can be done in a few hours.

    Wealthy Affiliate really does look like it has it all. Unlike many of the scams, we can actually try it out for ourselves before buying. This is a big breath of fresh air.

    1. Thanks Alec – I’m glad you mentioned the importance of considering the longer-term when making money online. I think it’s one of the reasons there are so many online scams out there – they appear attractive for people looking to make money quickly. Unfortunately they are usually fake promises. I too like the “Try before you buy” idea, for anything I am looking at online.

      All the best, Mara.

  9. I have been on the look out for a legit way to build an online business for a very long time, and this article has shown me the way forward to getting set up online with my own biz 🙂

    I really do like the sound of the Wealthy Affiliate program and everything it offers me for success.

    I’m gonna sign up for my free account at Wealthy Affiliate right away.


    1. Hi Neil,

      I’m really pleased this has helped you with your plans for an online business. I hope you enjoy trying out Wealthy Affiliate and so let me know if I can help in any way.


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