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Looking for a website keyword research tool? Jaaxy is one of the best.

Website Keyword Research ToolIf you have a website, or are planning one, you need to think about keywords. “What are they?” I hear some of you asking. A keyword usually describes a phrase used to search for something. It can be a bit confusing sometimes, as keyword sounds like it could be only one single word. But this isn’t the case at all! Of course it could be, but there are very few searches in Google, or any other search engine, that are just one word.

Strictly speaking, the correct term is “long tailed keyword” which does kind of make a bit more sense. But for our purposes here, think of a keyword as something a person would type in to conduct an internet search for whatever they are trying to find out about.

So what does this mean for you and your website? In a nutshell, to be successful you need to find traffic for your website. if you can’t tap into the keywords people are searching for, it’s unlikely you will ever get much traffic. You could end up existing in a parallel universe – you and your website in one universe, and all the traffic in another universe. Effectively your audience could be light years away if this is the case!

So what does this mean for you and your website? In a nutshell, to be successful you need to find traffic for your website. if you can’t tap into the keywords people are searching for, it’s unlikely you will ever get much traffic. You could end up existing in a parallel universe – you and your website in one universe, and all the traffic in another universe. Effectively your audience could be light years away if this is the case! If you’re hunting traffic, a good website keyword research tool is just the ticket.


Why would you need an actual tool?

So the above introduction gives you an idea of how important keywords are. They are what will marry-up search queries with your website, and help bring in the traffic you want.

Choose the right keywords for SEO

But I want to emphasize here, that they are even more important if you are writing a lot for your website. Think blogs, product reviews, general interest content – if you are writing this sort of stuff regularly. You can of course use the search engines themselves to find out about keywords (see my article on how to do this here).

But, if you are a regular writer, don’t you want to save some time on research and use it to actually write stuff? Chances are this is exactly what you want. You could spend hours looking in Google for example, trying to work out what are good keywords, or you could spend your time more wisely! Surely you want something to tell you more about keywords than just how common they are. Imagine if you could see not only how much traffic there is for a keyword, but how much competition there is too! What if you could see how much traffic you could expect if you get ranked on page one for that keyword. Now, this is rocket science – or almost! Better than that, I can show you something that does all this for you. Doesn’t that sound awesome?


What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Keyword Research is where you can perform loads of keyword research. The best option to get all the information below is the Enterprise Version. I’m going to reveal what it can tell you about a keyword, and then show you some examples from topics I know absolutely nothing about, to prove just how valuable it can be.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what information jaaxy gives you on a keyword:

Average searches = the average number of keyword searches for that term, per month

Traffic = this is how many visits you can expect to your website if you get ranked on page one of search results for that particular keyword

QSR = this term stands for Quoted Search Results, and really gives you the competition for that keyword. It is calculated from the number of websites that are ranked in Google for that search term. This is so amazing! Quite often I want to choose a keyword for an article that doesn’t have huge competition, and Jaaxy shows me this almost instantly.

KQI = this stands for Keyword Quality Indicator, and assigns an overall ranking to the keyword. Even if you don’t want to remember these terms and what they mean, this one is super simple. It’s based on a traffic light system. Stay away from the red ones, be careful with the amber ones, and go for the green ones. How simple is that to decide on whether to use a particular keyword or not?

SEO score = this is a clever little column, that gives the keyword a score out of 100. The higher this score, the greater your chance of ranking on the first page with this keyword.

So you can see from all of this, that Jaaxy really does provide a mine of information. It makes it so much easier to make a decision on whether a keyword is a good option or not.


How to use Jaaxy to Research a Keyword

I’m going to show an example of how all of this is laid out. And, to prove how useful it is, I’m going to pick something about which I know nothing. (My own areas of knowledge are marketing and dogs).

Example One: Let’s say I own a website all about DIY. I want to write an article to talk about refinishing wooden furniture, and get traffic to my site.

Using Jaaxy Enterprise, I type in “refinishing wooden furniture”, and this is what I get:


Search Example One in Jaaxy Enterprise


At the drop of a hat, I can tell all of this:

  • Using the original keyword I thought of (refinishing wooden furniture) doesn’t have a lot of traffic
  • If I change “wooden” to “wood” in my keyword, the picture looks a lot more promising:
    • 1086 searches for this term is average for a month
    • if I can rank in page one then I can expect 185 visitors to my website
    • there are 171 competing websites for this search term
    • the SEO score is reasonably high (above 80)
    • the keyword quality indicator is green (go for it!)
  • But don’t stop there! If I tweak a couple more things, I can maybe choose something even better…
    • if I use the keyword “refinish wooden furniture” instead, I can reduce the level of competing websites from 171 to 80, and improve the SEO score to 95.
    • Yes, there is also less traffic, BUT it might be easier, and quicker, to rank on the first page if there is less competition for me.

Helpful Tip on Keyword ResearchHelpful Tip: It depends on how new your website is and how quickly you want to get your traffic. Sometimes, a better decision might be to go for something less competitive in order to rank more highly, and in a quicker time frame. A more established website that has good traffic sources already, might be suitable for targeting higher-traffic keywords with more competition. The reason for this is they may be regarded as an authority in their niche, which helps increase rankings too. But it takes time to get to that stage!


Jaaxy Enterprise vs Other Options

Firstly, I have shown you the Enterprise Version of Jaaxy. (I can’t rate this highly enough!). However, there are two other options for taking advantage of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Membership Options

As you can see, you can join Jaaxy for FREE and get 30 keyword searches. It’s a great way of trying it out and understanding the power behind the tool. Then there are two membership levels, Pro and Enterprise.

Pro is great and has a lot of functionality, but Enterprise allows you to sort results to make them easier to view. It also performs everything faster and allows for greater quantity for certain aspects of the tool. I highly recommend the Enterprise Version if you are writing regularly. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but time is money. I know for me, that even if I’m not writing an article for a website, I could be doing something else. I would rather not spend time doing something I don’t have to, especially since Jaaxy can do it so much more quickly and better than I could ever hope to do on my own.


But wait, it does more too…

Keyword research for DomainsI realize that sounds like an infomercial, but it’s not. You can even see from my DIY example above that there are some things I haven’t yet explained. I’m not making them up.

There’s a column on the far right of the table, headed up “Domains”. This will tell you what domain names are available for that particular keyword. So if you find a really good keyword, that has a green light “KQI” and it sums up your website and/or niche nicely, you might want to grab the domain name to match it. You don’t have to go off to a domain name provider to check the status – if Jaaxy says it’s available, it is. Saving you more time if you’re looking for a domain name.

If you look even further over to the right, there’s a section that has Related keywords. You can try plugging these into the search field too – just click on the phrase and it will automatically search for you. Your original keyword can keep evolving until you find something you’re really happy with.

There’s also a “Brainstorm” tab along the top menu, which will show you what’s hot across the various search engines at that time. Think “What’s trending on Google” and you can find great info here too.


Try Jaaxy out for yourself…


Final Words

This is one of the single best keyword tools I have come across. You might think “So what, who is she to say that?”. Well, I can tell you as a qualified marketer with over 20 years experience, much of it online, that this keyword research tool really is the business. I’ve not some across anything that is as easy to use, nor anything that gives such comprehensive data in a snapshot form. The upshot is this is a hugely valuable tool, that saves me time, all the time! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my keywords, and I’m still waiting to find anything that comes close to what Jaaxy can do.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the power of Jaaxy. If you’ve got anything you would like to ask, please do so below. Or any comments are also welcome too.


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  1. Hey there,

    This is a great and important information provided here about keyword research. I have not heard about Jaaxy before. I’ve been using other methods to do my keywords research but I believe this amazing Jaaxy simplifies all the work and finds better keywords. Thanks for recommending the tool and sharing this content!

    1. Mara Sturton

      Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for taking the time to read this and share your thoughts. Jaaxy really is an amazing tool, and I use it all the time. It’s even better if you searching for keywords for more than one website, because it saves so much time and really shows what keywords are going to bring the most value. Mar

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