Report a Scam

I am all about helping people here, letting them know the difference between genuine business opportunities and what’s most definitely not.

You can also help limit the reach of any scams

All you need to do is provide details of what the scam is, and I’ll research it, review it, and add it to my list of scams. The details I need are as follows:

(1) The name of the scheme or product
(2) How much did you pay? (Either to enlist or buy a product demo range)
(3) Why is it a scam? (The more you can share about your own experience, the better it will be for others)
(4) Any website address/url you have

Come on – together we can help alert others and limit these scams!

Report a scam



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2 thoughts on “Report a Scam”

  1. Hey Mara,

    I think this page is a great idea! Hopefully many people will use it to help build a one-stop-shop list of online scams that are currently happening.

    Next time I find an online scam I will certainly submit it using your form! I saw you’ve listed Coffee Shop Millionaire already – that program is awful!


    1. Hi Tyler,

      Thanks so much for taking a look and sharing your thoughts with me. I’m looking forward to people adding the scams they find here, and then I can add them to my reviews of ones to avoid.

      Have a rgeat week, and I look forward to seeing you here agin soon. Mara

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