Is coffee shop millionaire a scam? Let’s take a look.

Product name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
This site gives it a rank of: 3 out of 10
What does it cost?: $37 for basic product
Who is behind it?: Anthony Trister, Canada.
Website Link:



In summary, this is being promoted as an online training platform which teaches internet marketing through videos training. Anthony says it will provide a sure-fire blueprint for creating an online business that will funnel money into your bank account on a constant basis.

It appears to sell “the dream” of absolute freedom – the freedom from money worries, and the freedom to work anywhere, including your favorite coffee shop. Hence the name Coffee Shop Millionaire, which indicates the potential to make a lot of money.

What it claims to be:

  • Unique in it’s offering, as follows:
    • Only online program that delivers a lifestyle business
    • An opportunity to earn money “on the side”
    • You don’t just get a bunch of theory
  • Show you how you can make a 5 figure sum
  • Guaranteed to make money

What it claims not to be:

  • A push button, get rich quick scheme
  • A system full of technical language, that is difficult ot understand
  • Something that requires a lot of cash to be put in, before you see results

The last time the program was updated, according to Anthony was 2014, so it has been on the go for a number of years already and has many members all over the world.


This is a series of training and lessons based around affiliate marketing, where you are generating an income linked to selling other people’s products or services within a specialist niche.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Home Page


Let’s take a look into the pros and cons of this opportunity.


  • It’s relatively cheap to access and sign up.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee is advertised with the product
  • Claims to offer a full blueprint for success, following the same systems that Anthony himself has used
  • Offers a method, like any affiliate marketing, that could potentially be scaled up, if successful


  • Whilst this is not being sold as a “get rich quick” scheme, the promotional messages contradict this. Claims of being able to earn $100,000s per month, with a little experience seems to be unrealistic.
  • Whilst the system itself promises to “show” you everything your know to succeed, there’s nothing to be seen unless you actually pay to sign up. Therefore, you can’t try before you buy.
  • The promotional video talks about creating an online business with “no money down”, but that is not the case, as you have to pay $37.00 to get access.
  • Pushing a “limited time offer” on website visitors, which can encourage people to panic buy without being able to evaluate if the opportunity is actually right for them
  • There are a lot of complaints from buyers online, and from these sources we can also determine that there are a number of additional expenses to be paid each month, and quite a few prompts to pay more for additional products.


Anyone who wants to “live the dream” and achieve the financial freedom to work anytime and from anywhere. Particular demographics that were mentioned in the promotional video included:

  • those who are dissatisfied with their current working situation
  • those who want to spend more time at home

Because there is training and learning involved, Coffee Shop Millionaire is aimed at anyone, however once you get into the modules things can be a bit vague and therefore it really is a pre-requisite to have a bit of previous internet marketing knowledge. In fact, during his promotion video Anthony does actually state that he was able to create success very easily and quickly due to his previous experience. As a result, this isn’t really suitable for someone who has no prior knowledge of online business.




Does offer a series of training modules, which are supported by videos as well.

As part of the program, there are references to “cheat sheets” and marketing techniques that are guaranteed to get the money rolling in. However, with over 20 years experience in marketing, including online, I would confidently say these claims are unsubstantiated and quite misleading in terms of what can be achieved in a short window of time.

Let’s compare it with another online business opportunity:



There is no online support available, although contact details have been provided if someone wants to get in touch. When looking into it a bit further, there are a number of unanswered questions from existing members, which doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence in getting replies this way.

There is not an active, online community that can be used to network and help solve any problems, like some other programs offer.



$37.00 is the going rate on the surface, but be prepared to be pushed to spend more for additional add-on products.

You could possibly get discount offers popping up as well, just like this one:

Coffee Shop Millionaire Special Offer

One of the glaring omissions with the pricing is the cost to set up and run a website. Frankly, you cannot have an online business without one, so there are costs to be considered for domain names, website creation if you aren’t able to do this yourself, and then the ongoing web hosting costs as well.



I like the name of the program and thought it was quite catchy, but I think that’s half the problem! When you delve into exactly what’s on offer, there is very little substance to the opportunity. One of the big turnoffs for me was the extra-long (yawn!) sales video. It was well over 30 minutes long, and anything that takes that long to get a sales pitch across means they are trying to hard to convince their audience.

The sales pitch is also full of pressure selling, using terms such as:

  • special “one-time” offer (which incidentally is still in place from 2014!)
  • worth $1,000s but get it now for this special price
  • grab your copy before the on-screen time runs out
  • get extras worth over $5000 and not available as stand-alone products

This is very much a personal thing and may not bother others, but as a working parent the last thing I want to be shown is a crying child, with the words “this program will help you spend more time at home with your family”. I feel that’s bordering on emotional blackmail, but hey, like I said that might not bother anyone else.

Some of the claims are also a bit on the wild side, like having money “gushing” into your bank account. It’s my sincere belief that there is success to be had from online business, but like any business it does require time and effort – you don’t get something for nothing, right? So, in my opinion there are other better programs out there, that offer way more and therefore a better chance of success.



I’m not going to say this is a full scam, as you are given something for your money. However, I do firmly believe that this program is sold on the promise of delivering more than the general person is able to achieve. This is further indicated by the full page “Earnings Disclaimer” on the website, which clearly states the type of earnings promoted are not typical. This further endorses the need for previous online experience, in order to have any chance of making this work and deliver.



Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

For anyone interested in setting up and running an online business in affiliate marketing or for selling online, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s 100% legitimate and free to join. Click here for more info.

Sometimes referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University, it has step-by-step training to help you learn and develop, in order to be successful online. It’s completely free to access, giving you the opportunity to try it and evaluate if it’s right for you as an individual. Try Before You Buy





If you have any comments or feedback of your own that you would like to share, please do so below. I always like to hear what others have experienced too 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Is coffee shop millionaire a scam? Let’s take a look.”

  1. Hey Mara,

    I’ve heard about Coffee Shop Millionaire, and they are not good things. First of all, you can see from their sleazy website and generic popup. I’ve actually tried to reply to one of these “agents” and they are all automated bots.

    It’s definitively not as good as Wealthy Affiliate (I’m a member myself) where you can really learn what online marketing is and befriend a genuine and positive community. One of the most important thing to me is that they don’t try to “sell” you on the idea that you can make a million bucks in a matter of days, which is very far from the truth. Like everything in life, you gotta work hard to get where you want to go.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for your comment Anh. It’s great to have reinforcement for what I think about the program too. Glad you’ve had a good experience with Wealthy Affiliate – I agree they are very open and transparent about what they offer and what can be achieved. Thanks for stopping by, Mara.

  2. Hi, I think you were quite generous with this Coffee Shop stuff by giving them 3/10. Just this simple 6 digit per month promise is enough to keep distance from it, regardless what else they promise. I am sick of such sites. Of course such a promise is unrealistic. It would be good to check this 60 days money back quarantee, I do not believe this is real. Thank you for this text.

    1. Hi Jovo,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading this review. I too am sick of sites which prey on people looking for genuine help to make money. It’s sad to think that some people believe money promises, because they want it to to be true. I’ve given it a 3, as I think there are some people who are working the system, but becuase they are very experienced online marketers – not beginners.

      All the best, Mara.

  3. Alright, you convinced me that it’s not worth joining. I’ve looked at all the reviews, and pretty much all of them are literally negative LOL

    You know at first glance, this seems relatively convincing. It doesn’t promise to be a rich quick scheme, which is something that a lot of people could get lured by.

    Detailed review, I liked it, keep it up.

    1. Thank you Julius and nice to hear from you. I agree that it seems convincing on the surface – I had to dig quite deep to uncover the reality of what is being offered. I think there are people making money with it, but they are very experienced online business people already. This is definitely not for the beginner, that’s for sure.

      All the best to you, Mara.

  4. Hi,

    Coffee Shop Millionaire does have a nice ring to it. It’s clear to me after reading this that I should stay clear of it.

    Are the addition cost once in the program expensive?
    I am old enough to be Leary of anyone trying to sell me a dream.

    I also wonder how easy it would be to use the money back guarantee? I have been online for a little while and it seems the bad out weights the good.

    They offer a method but…do you think a new person can buy a kit/method/system employ it and be profitable?

    Like you say and to my experience is true, “you don’t get something for nothing,right.

    Thanks for the info, I think I will go have some tea.

    1. Hi Barry,

      The additional costs are likely to run into hundreds of dollars, rather than tens, if you take up the additional offers. I think that’s always one of the dangers with selling “systems” online – quite often you will find that unless you do subscribe to the additional extras you don’t have a chance of making anything like what is promised during the initial promotional phase. I too am wary of money back guarantees, as I find once someone else has your money it can be extremely difficult to get it back – and this doesn’t just apply online! I personally wouldn’t take the risk.

      I think there are better “systems” out there, which offer genuine business opportunities online, with clear instruction and support for the best chance to be profitable. For example, Wealthy Affiliate – which does let you join for free and have a good look around BEFORE you sign up for anything else.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts – it’s much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed your tea!


  5. Hello Mara,

    Great review. I’ve never been a member of Coffe-Shop Millionaire but I AM a member at Wealthy Affiliate which I agree is the best platform out there for creating an online business.

    While I agree with your assessment of the catchy name, The fact that they use pressure selling techniques (may be less than ethical but) have been proven to work. So I can’t blame them for that.

    I think as consumers we are getting quite sick of it though.

    Hopefully, as internet marketing evolves we will steer away from these archaic techniques and start treating the consumer with more respect. As David Ogilvy once said, “The customer is not a moron, she is your wife.”
    I think anyone in marketing and advertisement needs to take this statement to heart and start giving the consumer the respect they deserve.

    This is a great review and hope to see more. Keep up the good work.

    Ryan Sims

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I completely reiterate what you’ve said about treating your audience with respect – I always think it’s best to be honest, open and transparent about what you’re offering and why. I think Wealthy Affiliate is very up front and does well as a result.

      All the best to you, Mara.

  6. Coffee Shop Millionaire definitely sounds too good to be true, especially with its “as seen on TV” ad. I tend to not trust those too much. Anything that’s worth it tends to take time. As I can see from your comparison, it’s got nothing on Wealthy Affiliate. CSM offers too little to be worth the price.

    1. Thanks for your input Dan – I agree with everything you said. Those TV endorsements are used a lot in fake circumstances – the Raspberry Ketone Diet springs to mind here! A lot of women were falsely led to believe the claims through such endorsements. I appreciate you stopping by to read this review,


  7. I used to think the Coffee Shop Millionaire was a kinda borderline scam because I was just so unsure about it.

    After everything I’ve read about CSM within your review has steered me away, especially learning about all the cons.

    In my eyes now, I think this is definitely a scam because the coffee shop millionaire seems like a platform not to be trusted. However, some people might not see it this way. You just never know until you try it, lose money and fail online. LOL.


    1. Mara Sturton

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your own thoughts. It’s definitely not one I would trust – selling a dream, but very little substance behind the offer! There are always people who are willing to give things a go and a number will lose money from these sorts of schemes. Sometimes it requires a few fails before you learn the signs!

      All the best, Mara.

  8. There’s no such thing as guaranteed money in online marketing. Anyone who promises you huge amounts of easy money is scamming you. There’s no question about that. Coffee Shop millionaire is not a good option for people who are looking to build a successful online business. Thanks for the review.

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